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    Breaking Bread


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    The Rescuer

    This narrative is by a brave rescuer, Sarah of Syria, who decided to return to the same shoreline, to where she and her sister, Yusra, had spent three hours pushing and swimming their boat from Turkey to Greek shoreline of Lesbos: http://www.unhcr.org/news/stories/2016/12/585b9b464/former-syrian-refugee-uses-swimming-skills-rescue-others.html
    During her interview, Sarah explains what sharing her family recipes and food with her fellow rescue volunteers means to her.

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    The Bachelor Pad

    Our four Syrian friends, Hakam, Mohamad, Majed, and Rami shared a delicious meal with us at Earth Refugee at a bungalow in a camp in Sunio, Greece. Their guests included local Greek friends and camp volunteers from Sweden, Italy, and Spain. These four friends recreated their mothers’ recipes, who taught them how to cook back in Syria.

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    The French Teacher

    This beautiful story demonstrates that sharing your heritage through food breaks down barriers to include language barriers. It’s about a wonderful group of Greek women volunteers at Camp Eliniko in Athens who were able to connect with their Afghan guests by inviting them into their kitchens in order to connect with them.

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    We were invited to the bungalow of our Syrian-Kurdish friends, Kamiran, Hsna, and their two beautiful children. During our visit, Kamiran who use to be a Pastry chef, and his wife, Hsna, a homemaker, shared with us their memories of family meals back home. Now, they face the challenge of passing on the importance and techniques of their family recipes to their children.

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    Bhakti’s Way – A Yogi’s luncheon with Her Community

    Gopi Kinnicutt is the founder and owner of Bhakti Yoga DC, a yoga studio where she prepares and serves a meal that is vegetarian, ayurvedic, holistic, and prepared as an offering of love. Every month’s menu is different, drawn from different parts of her experience.

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    The Downshifter

    Meet Matt, a guy who left his job in Washington DC to live a life connected to his ecosystem in western North Carolina, colloquially referred to as "downshifting." He certainly considers the move a major life upgrade. Matt's story focuses on his deeply held value of eating from his local environment, which is currently heavily supplemented by local grocery store dumpsters, but features food from the homestead he shares with landmates and from the wild. You can follow his journey at http://transitionrewild.blogspot.com

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