From Cookout to Pop-Up: Kaftas with a Story

By Emily Grumbling

On July 4th, 2011 Syma Qatanani found herself in a common summer conundrum: invited to a holiday cookout, searching for something to bring for the grill. She already had kafta— a seasoned ground meat traditionally prepared as meatballs, with variations throughout the Eastern Mediterranean, South Asia, and the Middle East. She thoughtfully pulled in a few other choice ingredients, fashioning patties around a garlicky cream cheese core, and her legendary Kafta Burger was born. read more

Of War and Épice: The Transition from Soldier to Saffron Merchant

It is the most expensive and perhaps the most labor-intensive spice in the world. Chefs fortunate enough to have access treat it like gold and savor it in their most cherished dishes. An average of 60,000 handpicked crocus blossoms are needed to collect one pound of saffron, and that pound could fetch upwards of $5000 depending on its quality and origin. Now, this most precious of spices can be delivered to anyone’s mailbox, beautifully packaged and within a week when ordered from read more

Dinner on the Silk Road: Oases in DC and Baltimore

The team at NooshTube knows that food is far more than its nutritional value – it is history, culture, adventure, etc. So, we sought a tangible and sensory platform through which we could bring this notion to fellow Nooshtubers and foodies. Our partners at Dinner Lab gave us an amazing opportunity to realize this goal in the creation of a culinary adventure to highlight the many dishes of the Silk Road.  On May 8-9, we debuted our Silk Road menu to a host of delighted guests in Washington, DC and Baltimore. read more

An American’s Search Through Teta’s Kitchen

tetePeople’s relation to food may take them to different places, but with Hannah, it quite literally took her back to her roots. I initially offered to meet Hannah in person and do an interview over chai. Hannah sent me a sweet reply: “Sure, but you would have to fly to Jordan for this chai!” read more

A Culinary Journey of a Tunisian Emissary

By AK Rahim

Recently, Monaem Mabrouki video-called his cousin in Tunisia to show him what he was cooking for dinner. It was a fragrant chicken stew, the recipe for which he had picked up from a friend: onions, saffron, and apples, amongst a host of other spices. read more

The Boston Chai Party: Nowruz at the MFA

By AK Rahim

Nowruz festivities are celebrated with much color and cultural pride around the world, whether it is in Iran or in the many cities where celebrants have settled over the years. Boston is no exception. read more

Greener Pastures of a New Year

By AK Rahim

The coming of spring is celebrated throughout the world in various festivities and holidays. Iran and Central Asian countries celebrate the season by holding a large, collective picnic! Throughout the region, families are spreading their picnic sheets and blankets to celebrate Sizdah Bedar, the final day of the Nowruz or New Year’s holiday rituals. Sizdah Bedar literally means “Be rid of 13th” or “Going Out on 13th”, traditionally celebrating the new agricultural year. Nowadays, it is a commemoration of nature, and the holiday is accordingly known as Ruz-e-Tabiat, or the Day of Nature. read more

NooshTube Attends Nowruz Luncheon at the White House

Nowruz Luncheon at the White HouseThe Nowruz celebration at the White House was an initiative started by President Obama in 2014. Every year, the White House invites organizations and individuals who foster a better understanding between the United States and the Iranian and Central Asian Diasporas. read more

Nowruz Celebration

The Sights and Seen’s of Nowruz

By AK Rahim

Greater Iran, or the Iranian cultural sphere, is a diverse region extending from the Mediterranean to the high Himalayas. Besides the Iranian peoples of the plateau, like the Persians, Pashto, Gilaki, etc., the cultural sphere also extends into the Turkic and Indic worlds. It encompasses many languages and religions, not to mention a slew of customs and traditions. However, one thing that unites this cultural region is the colorful celebration of Nowruz, meaning the “new day”, which welcomes the New Year as well as the growing days of spring. read more


The Kabob Dilemma

Op-Ed by AK Rahim

My freshman year in college consisted of a delicate balance between takeout boxes and an ever-diminishing supply of mom’s frozen homemade dishes. Each frozen Tupperware contained more than just microwaveable feasts; she sealed in bits of culture and heavy doses of ancestral memories. Going to the nearest Middle Eastern or Asian eatery never compared, and sometimes exacerbated matters, as it often enhanced my longing for mom’s bold use of turmeric or the hint of rosewater she added to every dish, sweet or savory. Wallowing in self-pity, I wondered how hard could it be to cook these dishes in a restaurant! read more

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